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If you’re looking to learn more about Creative Culture, you’re in the right place. Keep scrolling to find out who we are and what we’re all about.

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At a glance


To create pathways that enable involvement in the arts


To inspire and encourage people to become involved in the creative arts


To develop ways people can experience and interact with the creative arts

Our story

Driven by a long-standing passion for the arts and a desire for them to be easily accessible to all, Garth Davis founded Creative Culture South West in 2017.

With over 15 years of experience, Garth initially entered the entertainment sector through the live music industry before branching out into comedy, cabaret, spoken word, and theatre. After discovering that there was no existing pathway for the wider community to get involved in the arts on a local level, he set out to change that.

Envisioning an all-inclusive space where people can develop their skills in a friendly and supportive environment, no matter their background, social economic status, age, gender, physical ability, or sexuality, Creative Culture South West was born.

Open to all ages, the not-for-profit organisation’s goal is to encourage involvement in the local arts scene and create a welcoming place where individuals can cultivate their skills. Offering benefits to both its active participants and the local community, Creative Culture allows people from all walks of life to discover their potential, develop their knowledge and abilities, and gain confidence, whilst collaborating with other artists and showcasing their talent to a diverse audience.

By boosting engagement with local heritage and the arts, Creative Culture aspires to build innovative ways to help people discover Exeter and Devon’s rich cultural legacy whilst providing opportunities to develop work-related skills both within and outside the arts industry. A repertoire of diverse and stimulating programmes were developed to enable this, consisting of art-led events that showcase regional talent, theatre, and workshops.

Fast-forward to today, Creative Culture now offers a full programme of easily accessible events, lectures, courses, and workshops, run by a multi-disciplined team of experienced and accredited artists. These programmes allow the organisation to showcase and promote local talent, build strong connections between art practitioners and their audiences, and enhance what is on offer to the general public in the Exeter area.

To enable us to do this we develop multi-disciplined programmes consisting of art led events that showcase local talent, theatre and workshops; helping to build strong connections between art practitioners and their audiences whilst enhancing what is on offer in the Exeter area.

Shout About Exeter

Art led discussions, radio plays and live performances of music and spoken word can all be found at Shout About Exeter. Our podcast is all about the arts and the people who create it. So to keep up to date with the wealth of talent in the Exeter area with Shout About Exeter.

Creative Culture Institute of art

Dedicated to encouraging people to get involved in the arts. The Creative Culture Institute of Arts offers a range of courses in a variety of subjects, all of which have been designed to give people the skills and knowledge to become active members of the arts community.


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