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Mon 09 11 20


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



14 Day Online Acting for Film Course

This course is designed to replicate the intensity and pressures of the process of acting in films whilst also developing the casting skills of each individual participant.

Held over 14 consecutive days, the course includes the submission of 7 film clips from each participant followed by full feedback and analysis of all clips and 8 online full group discussion sessions.

Participants would be expected to rise to the challenge of learning several short monologues and regularly filming and posting footage.

The course runs from November 9th to November 22nd

The class sessions will run at 7 pm until 8 pm

This course is none refundable.

Please see here for the required technical specifications.

The event times are GMT as we are based in the UK.


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  • Josephine Larson
    Josephine Larson
    Performance & Employability Skills Lecturer

    Josephines education started at Bristol’s Old Vic and moved on to studying dance with Budd Thompson in Copenhagen. Since then her intriguing career has entailed far more than can be condensed in a short bio. It began as the star of La Vie En Rose (1979-81), then a role in the French cult film Clementine Tango. She later worked with the Reineke Fuchs Rock Opera and the avant-garde Berlin Play Actors group. Josephine is author of The Power of Acting (2016) and founder of Art 14, a system of learning self-actualisation and confidence skills.

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