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Sat 17 10 20


10:00 am - 5:30 pm



Acting for film beginners weekend workshop

This weekend workshop encompasses an extensive and significant body of knowledge and range of experiences within a relaxed and enjoyable structure. It is designed to allow participants to feel calm and composed whilst acting to the camera and culminates in all students receiving the best version of their filmed monologue, edited and rendered, which they will be able to use for their showreel.

Pre-workshop input involves students choosing from 3 given monologues and preparing for their initial filmed performance of their chosen monologue. Throughout the weekend rehearsing, filming and reviewing will become central to each students’ journey.

Dates: Saturday 17th October & Sunday 18th October

This is a weekend-long workshop running 10.30 am to 5.30 pm each day.

This workshop is none refundable.


Good Vibes Studio, 33 Marsh Green Road West, EX2 8PN
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  • Josephine Larson
    Josephine Larson
    Performance & Employability Skills Lecturer

    Josephines education started at Bristol’s Old Vic and moved on to studying dance with Budd Thompson in Copenhagen. Since then her intriguing career has entailed far more than can be condensed in a short bio. It began as the star of La Vie En Rose (1979-81), then a role in the French cult film Clementine Tango. She later worked with the Reineke Fuchs Rock Opera and the avant-garde Berlin Play Actors group. Josephine is author of The Power of Acting (2016) and founder of Art 14, a system of learning self-actualisation and confidence skills.

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