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Sun 22 11 20


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



Sam Morgans Improvisation Studio

Sam Morgan is an experienced, BBC-certified actor, comedian, and Improv specialist.

His workshop will help you tread the boards with extreme confidence, or at the very least, crack witty off-the-cuff jokes to your friends! Spontaneity can go a long way in work and life, not just on the stage.

Sign up now and workshops you can take part in will enhance your ability to:
Say “Yes and…”
Loosen up and play around
Tell stories
Improvise songs
Be a clown
Act from the heart
Work effectively with your scene partner
Write a soap opera
Create fun characters

And you don’t need prior experience; Sam’s workshops are open to everyone!

One last perk: if you attend you will also have the opportunity to perform at Off the Cuff, Creative Culture South West’s bi-monthly improv night.

What’s not to love? We’ll see you there.

Those who attend the workshop will be invited to take part in Creative Culture South West’s bi-monthly open improv evening, Off the Cuff.


Exeter Community Centre, St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG



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  • Sam Morgan
    Sam Morgan
    Performance Lecturer

    Sam is an actor, writer, comedian, director, and Improvisation specialist. He has a BA in Acting from the Italia Conti Academy alongside qualifications from the IO Theatre in Chicago, the Plain Clothes Theatre Company, and Nose to Nose. Sam’s acting experience encompasses roles on stage to TV performances, including in The Hunt for Tony Blair (2011) and his self-produced comedy Being There. He has also written sketches for BBC Radio and for the screen.

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