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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



The Wisdom of Fairy Tales Online Course

Although few of us have regular cause to kiss a frog, fend off a ravenous wolf or rescue our offspring from the ovens of cannibalistic witches, life can often seem frustrating, difficult and laden with dangers. This course, designed and delivered by storyteller and educator Chris Brooks, journeys through a landscape shaped by fairy tales and folklore as it explores how the timeless wisdom of these stories can enhance the art of being, living and flourishing in the modern world. 

Themes explored through the many messages and motifs contained within fairy tales include handling change, connecting with the magical and confronting fears.


6-week online course

Starts: Monday 14th September to Monday 19th October

Timing: 7pm – 9pm each week

This course is non-refundable

Please see here for required technical specifications

The event times are GMT as we are based in the UK.


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  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks
    Performance Lecturer

    Chris has over two decades experience as a storyteller, performance poet and comic performer. He combines his background in education with an interest in the perennialism of folklore, fairy tales, and religious texts. This has led to him organising and executing numerous successful talks, workshops and courses on these subjects. Chris’ inspiring teaching has assisted the growth of some of the most prominent performers across the South West.

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